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LUTUM! is an interactive computer-based experience made entirely out of clay. Inspired by point-and-click media throughout history LUTUM! Is an experiment in using analog methods in a digital space. In the space, users are greeted by the main character, a clay figure representative of myself, in her apartment. Users are prompted to accomplish various tasks such as cleaning her room. LUTUM! pushes the limitations of clay as a digital medium, re-imagines early stop-motion media, and contributes to the contemporary conversation surrounding claymation as an art form and avenue for interactivity. Since its earliest origin in the 1926 film, Long Live the Bull, claymation has charmed the world as plasticine manipulates our perception of reality. While Gumby, Wallace, and Gromit have remained some of the world's most beloved cartoon icons, stop motion has lost popularity due to the tedious nature of its production as media technologies especially as new VFX and CGI technologies improve. In an effort to revive claymation as a relevant medium, all of the game assets are made out of plasticine clay, programmed in Unity, and stop-motion animated in DragonFrame.

Want to know more? Visit my blog on medium for in-depth documentation.
I also have created two devlog style videos covering everything:

Here’s the most recent one:

I also spoke in front of my peers and faculty during the ITP/IMA Thesis and Capstone Week:

IMA Capstone Week 2023 - Julia Fernandez from ITP_NYU on Vimeo.