Julia Fernandez

Creature World
(2021 - Present)

The past few years, I’ve sporadically worked on some things for Danny Cole’s Creature World, a friend and project dear to my heart.

In 2021, Isabelle Rieken and I created an interactive installation at Hammerstein Ballroom for Creature World Playground debut.

Izzy and I later worked on a super cool secret invention as part of The Creature World NYC Tour. As written in Office Magazine, “After a day of touching grass and getting creative with color, Basic.Space collaborated with Cole for an evening featuring a panel talk with leaders in culture from companies such as Gucci, Autograph, Mad Realities, and Basic.Space. After the discussion, Creature World unveiled a preview of their latest insane, inspired invention— a mechanism that creates personal pieces of art for people by reading their vitals and decoding their emotions, an iteration of the The Creature Psychic.”

My involvement in Creature World continues in other ways, but most recently, here is some graphic design and illustration, as well as a dynamite prop I made: