VICE Global Logo ID

The VICE GLOBAL LOGO ID project is an award winning collection of animated identities made for the VICE TV channel.  Bringing together emerging voices from around the world. The goal of the project is to create an ongoing collaborative channel that elevates the visionary spirit of the brand, while celebrating its global creative community. Through this project we aimed to challenge ourserlves in finding new creative and technical approaches towards the making of timeless animated pieces.  

For this video, I conceptualized, sculpted, and animated each frame in the VICE Office.

Creative Directors:
Assaf Clements, Francisco Lopez, Eric Bubas.

Artists: Baku Hashimoto, Dina Ameen, Erma Fiend, Scorpion Dagger,Cuca Berenguer, Cole Montminy, Matthias Brown, Nik Macmillan, Huw Messie, Yonk,  Amanda Bonaiuto,  Cole Kush, Rop Van Mierlo, Winston Hacking, Kelli Anderson, Jeron Braxton, Ariane Spanier, Thami Nabil, Marcos Sánchez, Grant Bouvier, Sophie Koko Gate, Assaf Clements, Michael Pisano, Xavier Lalanne Tauzia, Julia Fernandez,  Loe Lee, Hunter French, Curtis Brown, Rayting Liang.

2023 Gold Clio Entertainment Award Winner!

Scream of My Blood: A Gogol Bordello Story
Motion Designer

Scream Of My Blood: A Gogol Bordello Story is the documentary equivalent of a Gogol Bordello mixtape – a turbo-charged mash-up of styles, genres, influences and techniques. Drawing upon a photo and video archive spanning two decades, we jump from live concert performance to intimate interviews to archival footage, animation, on-the-road tour adventures and studio recording sessions. For the Open Title sequence, we were inspired by the nomadic spirit and the diversity of cultures that the band and film represents. Our approach was to marry analog and mixed media styles with iconic photography and conceptual story elements.

Everything was filmed on a table top in the VICE office with all elements being cut out by hand and animated via stop motion. We incorporated hand painted details throughout, including the logo and typography. The animation reflects the mix of different cultures that have found themselves in a melting pot that unifies and enables them to stay true to themselves.

Creative Director: Assaf Clements