Inspired by point-and-click media throughout history, LUTUM! is an experiment in using analog methods in a digital space. In the room, users are greeted by the main character, a clay figure representative of myself. Users are prompted to clean my room and interact with Zachary, my cat. My goal was to re-imagine early stop-motion media and contribute to the contemporary conversation surrounding claymation as an art form and avenue for interactivity. 

More extensive  documentation HERE!

Photo Booth Spaghetti Western


For this experiment, I directed two actors to sit in a film photobooth and act out an image sequence I would then use in combination with a handdrawn pencil animation.

Give  A Dog  A Bone

A handrawn, animated interactive web experience. Programmed in Unity and published for gameplay on

2D Analog Animation Loops

2022 - 2023

Reef (2023)
Risograph Animation
Untitled Self Portrait (2022)
Risograph Animation
Untitled Mountain Scene (2023)
Risograph Animation
In Memoriam (2022)
12 frame walk cycle of my dead cat, Zachary. Cyanotyped on cotton.