I am a mixed media artist and animator based in NYC.

Most recently, I have been experimenting  with ceramic and animation.

Otherwise, the majority of my personal work revolves around 2D experimental analog animation as well as claymation.

I’ve had the pleasure of creating work for VICE, GIPHY & some musicians I love: Will Paquin, Chief Keef, Tai Verdes.

Sometimes, I make computer games out of my analog animations. 

I also enjoy designing and building physical things such as Pigeon. Other fun builds have been for Creature World and Strada World, two favorites.

And of course, I have lots of graphic design and illustration, specifically for music events.

That’s pretty much the sum of it. I like to do a lot of things but at the end of the day, I really just love learning, trying new things, and making things look really good. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to read more about me.



Currently available for freelance and commissions.
Pigeon (2023)
Recycled Plywood
A kinetic toy/object made from scrap plywood. A mechanism inside its body bobs the pigeon’s head just as a pigeon would do in real life. It is an ode to New York and an artifact of my appreciation for the bird.