I am an experimental animator, ceramicist, and designer based in Brooklyn, NYC.
I am currently focusing on motion, design, and physical objects.
I have a BFA in Interactive Media Arts with a minor in Business of Media & Entertainmen from NYU Tisch.
Aside from personal practice, I am a freelance animator and graphic designer, creating work for clients including as VICE, Creature World, Sony Music Group, 300 Entertainment, UMG, among many others. 

I hope you enjoy what I’ve been working on, and thanks for stopping by.

Everything I make exists in two states: In motion and at rest. 
My current work seeks to bridge the realms of motion and rest within, recognizing that life, much like art, perpetually oscillates between these two states. 
Combining techniques of experimental animation, sculpture, and functional design, I create art which can be experienced as an object or as a dynamic video.
My approach is rooted in a passion for analog-digital media, and I'm committed to infusing the tangible imprint of my hands into every video and digital artwork, just as I would a physical object.  I value the physical drawings, sculptures, and textures used in each piece whether or not they are a noticeable aspect of the final product making the process as valuable as the completed work, if not more. My art is a labor of love, and I view every aspect of the process as a tribute to craftsmanship and storytelling.

2023       Gold Clio Entertainment Award
                 GIPHY Artists to Watch For  
                 GIPHY Artsit Verification           
2022       Tisch Creative Research Fellow, NYU, New York, NY
2021        Fader Magazine College Creative of the Year

2023       Potluck, Honey’s, Brooklyn, NY
                 Design Lab, Strada Gallery, New York, NY
                 NYU ITP Thesis Show
2021        NYU ITP Spring Show
2019        NYU ITP Winter Show
                 NYU ITP Spring Show


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